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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspiration at OX's Studio in Paris

OX-Echantillons 2004

OX might just be my favorite ad takeover artist. For the past 5 years he has tackled large 3 meter square billboards in France with an incredible diligence and a keen eye. In the past we met in NY where I helped with several street level installations and since then his work was included in the ToSAT project. I couldn't spend a week in Paris and not visit the artist in his studio to catch up with someone who I spend little physical time with but still consider to be a great friend. Below are a few pics of his studio which was one of the most inspirational places I went on my 7 city tour.
studio view
AD Takeover preparation wall
The boys
Canvas Frames

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Art is Now a Crime

Endless Canvas recently posted a nice article on the troubling public space issues facing Portland and LA. The article reflects why PublicAdCampaign exists and calls into question how we use the streets and walls of the cities we live in. With an increasingly advertising centric use of public space not only do we risk polluting our surroundings with corporate sloganeering but we loose opportunities to enrich our neighborhoods with content that speaks to our personal lives and struggles.
(Above – Permission murals by Jules Muck declared as illegal graffiti.)

If you ask a person on the street “Is there a difference between advertising, murals and graffiti?” they would probably say “Yes, of coarse”, considering they each have their own definition. However, those in positions of power in the cities of Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles have made conflicting claims as to the significance of these definitions. Billboard companies have accused murals as being advertisements, and City offices claim that local murals are illegal graffiti. Meanwhile, graffiti and mural artists, who struggle to legally provide beauty and insight for their community, are stuck in between a web of legal code. The future of public expression in Portland and LA, and even America as a whole, is under compromise. Here are the signs of the probable ban on your right to public art. More [Here]

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Weaving Frankfurt Ads Out of Existence

I've been traveling for the past week or two and went through Frankfurt to speak at the ICCG. (International Conference of Critical Geography) I was camping out in what I can only assume were the suburbs of Frankfurt and had some time to get a single piece up before I hopped on a train to Paris for another huge project ill be at liberty to talk about in a few months. Finding an art store was a bit of a task and all I ended up with was a multicolored pack of printer paper. As it looks now ill be putting up some more work in Paris while I am here. Until then enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

International Conference of Critical Geography 6

I am honored to be talking on behalf of PublicAdCampaign and the Heavy Projects at the 6th International Conference of Critical Geography today, August 17th. I will be presenting a paper written by BC Biermann that I helped conceive, and which focuses on the use of Augmented Reality in the reappropriation of public space. While the discussion will focus on AR's ability to democratize media production in our shared environment, it will also touch on the history of PublicAdCampaign and the 10 years of physical alterations we have done.

Literally sitting outside on a wooden bench typing this, I am excited to explore Frankfurt and see if I can find a store that sells black and white paper. While there are few ads here, there are enough for me to get involved and physically reclaim some outdoor commercial media after discussing how to virtually do the same.
Read AR I AD Takeover: Augmented Reality and the Reappropriation of Public Space [Here]

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Monday, August 15, 2011

TrustoCorp - Now in Phonebooths

You may know TrustoCorp from some of their other street antics including street signage installations, subway text alterations, and shop dropping. I went out with them the other night to show them the ease of phonebooth installation and I expect to see a lot more of them in these locations in the near future. Look for their upcoming show at Opera gallery to be a huge hit.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fuel Outdoor: In With a Bang, Out With a Whimper…and a $1.8 Million Fine

Dennis over at Ban Billboard Blight has reported on a big hit to Fuel Outdoor. We couldn't be happier that this brazen company is getting their due and are curious if our own offenders here in New York City will ever get their comeuppance after winning the first of their legal battles.
New York-based Fuel Outdoor was one of the first rogue companies that rode into L.A. with the following strategy: Put up billboards and supergraphic signs all over the city without regard for ordinances and requirements for permits, then sue the city when the citations start coming and get the courts to declare those ordinances–most importantly, the 2002 ban on new off-site signs–an unconstitutional infringement of free speech. More [Here]

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

AR I AD Takeover NYC - Official Release

A little over a week ago PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects tested an augmented reality advertising takeover project in Times Square. By using the actual advertisements as triggers, we were able to virtually reclaim complete ad campaigns and digitally hijack advertisements all over the city. What is most exciting to me is that because the augmentation happens using an actual physical trigger, the overlaid image is able to track in real time and retain perspectival relationships. This makes the overlay seem like it is truly there as it moves to accommodate your viewing angle. While semi-akward to view through a smart device held in ones hand, imagery overlaid using sunglasses with display capabilities would seamlessly integrate your digital and real life, allowing for the tactical omission of unwanted messages. (I know this all sounds a bit crazy but buckle up cause its coming whether you like it or not) The potential for this test program is profound and I dare say a step in the right direction to removing all outdoor advertising from public space and democratizing public dialogue once and for all. While the hurdles are still great, the future looks interesting and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of new possibilities. You can download the full press release [Here] or read it below.

While other media outlets such as television and the Internet have founds ways to provide users with the ability to filter their informational intake, public space remains the elusive frontier in which commercial interests govern the discourse.

In an effort to highlight the individual's lack of autonomy in this arena, Public Ad Campaign (NYC) in collaboration with The Heavy Projects (LA) have begun to explore the potential of augmented reality to reappropriate outdoor commercial signage in order transform, filter, and democratize the messaging in public space. Using the Junaio AR platform, the AR | AD Takeover channel has reappropriated five outdoor advertising campaigns by turning them into augmented reality markers. Specifically, the channel uses five ads in New York City's Times Square as triggers for a curated street art show that includes works by Ron English, OX, PosterBoy, John Fekner, and Dr. D.

As an alternate vision, we imagine a city landscape where instead of commercial billboards, a digitally open environment where individuals can determine their own visual dialogue through the participation in and subscription to augmented reality able to reflect our nuanced private interests. No longer is there a consumptive monologue, but rather options in a filterable and user-defined space where private interests are no longer subordinate to commercial ends.
For related and inspirational projects check out the Artvertiser and Add-Art

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Should High Schools Sell Ad Space on Their Lockers?

VIA Good
Facing $3.6 million in budget cuts this year, Minnesota's Centennial school district might open its lockers to advertisers. The Star Tribunereports:
More [Here]

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Pantheon - A History of Art From the Streets of NYC

The Pantheon "catalog" launched over a week ago and it is less a catalog and more a treasure chest consisting of 450 pages of alternative street art history. Part picture book, part academic investigation, this collection focuses on 33 graf and street artists in an attempt to ponder the significance and scope of unauthorized public works on our culture at large.
Inside there are photos of the exhibition installation as well as interviews, histories, and site specific projects that are all worth reading. Take a moment and get your own copy...

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lister Covered By Ads, Big Surprise!

First off, I'm sorry. I have been so busy with things I have horribly neglected this site and for this I apologize. I should rename the link monthly.publicadcampaign.com at this point. That said I'm taking off for a Euro art/speaking tour on the 13th and wont be posting for a month so I double apologize. Ill get back on it when I return as I will be in the studio working on gallery stuff for a good few months, promise.
Lister 2011
Lister put up a whole bunch of murals in LA and it seems one was recently covered by illegal ads, probably from Contest Promotions. Melrose and Fairfax has the scoop and everybody is all up in arms about it as if this wasn't the inevitable outcome. We are at war people! Not Street artists but the public at large. Public space is not yours but rather the plaything of a multibillion dollar business we call out of home advertising. It rules your public environment with an iron fist and until you object it will continue to desecrate your most sacred idols and permeate your inner thoughts. Revolt against its use of your shared environment and rise up against its assumed authority over your shared public spaces.
Advertising 2011

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