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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LEETO Takes Advantage

I was tipped off that LEETO hit the big blank canvas PosterBoy provided a while back and sure enough when I went to the site he had. One may not agree with the content that was provided by LEETO, a quick "throw up" (used by graffiti artists when they are in a spot which is dangerous and don't have time to execute a more intricate piece), but one can't overlook the public interaction and communication happening here. It should be noted that the criminalization of graffiti by the city is responsible for LEETO's inability to carry out something more elegant and earnest in this situation.

I could not be happier with the direction this project has gone. It is a crystal clear image of how the public space should be used and for whom it should be used. Thanks PosterBoy and thanks LEETO for taking the time to talk to us through your environment. We are listening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Highlight of my "career".

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

yeah and look at that little girl in the corner. She's clearly happy about it too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the next time you do that, you fall and die.

Then, I will be happy.

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow! A garbage throw up. You are against advertising, but instead, present a shitty throw up that will be covered, fortunately, immediately with others or just plain covered with yet another ad. Hooray!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This rocks my universe.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...


take the time to read the posts before commenting please.

throw ups are a style which developed after strict police enforcement prevented artists from spending any real amount of time on their work. As I said, I'm positive LEETO's work would have blown your freaking head off if he wasn't worried about being jailed for creating artwork.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow anonymous that is realy ugly for you to say! why dont you try to find something better to put your energy in to instead of wishing for people to die!

anyway I love it! poster boy and LEETO keep it up! i hope you guys can do some work here in miami!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous does show us that people like him or her DO ACTUALLY EXIST! stubborn, close-minded, rude and obnoxious individuals living and breathing every day riling up the rest of us. so, thank you anonymous for causing a discussion because that's what motivates us to work harder.

Blogger Leetoleum said...

Yeah,people shouldn't be so mean.
So I get up there,and do the first L,then the can froze on me,so I had to climb down and sit it on the heater for about 20 minutes.
Climbed back up to it. Cops come storming off the exit on the bridge and sirens start flashing,I'm like fuck,it's all over,I'm finished.They didn't even see me(woo hoo) and pulled someone over,Yessss.
We had no time for a piece,a fill in.If you really pay attention,you'll realize that that location is the hot.
So talk your Doo Doo, but grow some or come get some.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah that looks so much better than a billboard ad.You guys r really stupid.I used to bomb also back in the 80's then i grew up and realized it was destroying the neighborhood i lived in.Grow up get a job and stop putting the public in jeopardy of getting hurt.The guy cant even do a decent throw up !!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Highlight of what career, wanker? On another note, I got more true stories than books written....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me just throw this hypothetical situation out there. Let's say in a perfect world, structures like these ARE works of art. Something designed and aesthetically pleasing. But lets just say (hypothetically speaking of course) I personally don't like it. Does that give me the right to deface it and turn it into something I do like? With no regard to the time, energy and money involved to create that piece, it's not mine.

Who should decide what is viewed by the public, you, me, LEETO and Posterboy? This site brings up really valid points about over-saturation, but being a vandal and destroying someone's property may not be the best way to get the point across.

Keep working for law reformation, or you, LEETO and Posterboy buy the spaces you would normally deface and leave them blank. Can't afford it? Someone else has put a lot of time, money and effort to put it there, regardless of if you think it looks good or not.

P.S. I'm not the same Anonymous that posted before. No one deserves to die you idiot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA HA PosterBoy Got Arrested ha ha!!!!Next up Jordan Seiler

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LEETO- The next time you do that, I hope you fall and hurt yourself.


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