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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MTV News Coverage of IllegalSigns.ca

It seems like this issue gains more momentum every morning I wake up. Proof positive of this is a segment on Rami Tabello of Illegalsigns.ca, aired on MTV. If spreading the word and winning the battle over public opinion is what this is all about, I think we might just be headed in the right direction.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, a point he made regarding "we would rather see the side of this building than seeing an ad..." made me wonder something:

When buying an apartment say, in Gramercy because of the "location", if within X number of years the city becomes an ad contaminated location, can you claim that the value of your home has gone down because of it? there for, give the opportunity to sue the companies like Van Wagner and Clear Channel for devaluing the price of your home/neighborhood/city?

I mean really, if you live in an apartment that is a beautiful brick block, and then within 5 years, half the apartments on your street now have giant boards and signs hanging off the sides, wouldn't that be considered a loss of value on the location and therefor put you in a position for a lawsuit against those who caused such value loss?

Its a long shot and probably nobody ever won, let alone attempted this...but makes you wonder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan- what's the fucking deal hear boss?

it is asking me to type in a word verification like usual. Now, the word verification is "subjew".

What's the deal here boss?

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

Excuse me but i think there must be a break in communication. If you are implying that I am in some way responsible for the randomly generated "subjew" text verification, you are wrong.


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