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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shepard Fairey Does Boston

I'm pretty sure these are being done legally, especially since Shep was arrested in Boston not too long ago on the night of his opening at the ICA. Either way his work is beautiful and provides a wonderful contrast to the advertising seen in some of these images.

VIA Juxtapoz

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Blogger Davey D said...

amazing! what a good way to have presence in a place that's tried to mire you down with all the legal bullshit we come up with as a society to maintain the zombie life.

Boston: "We're going to meaninglessly exert our authority over you"

Shepard: "Have some ambiguous and beautiful images on your streets."


Blogger Davey D said...

blogged, thanks for this

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

Der Blaue Reiter,

remember that because this was probably done legally, Shep might have had to pay for this public space which should be his to use freely in the first place. Even if the space was given to him, the outdoor advertising industry responsible for the billboards in the city, benefits by using artwork to gain attention for their own images as well as deflect any possible wrong doing for monopolizing public communications.

I love Shepard's work but authorized takeovers do not carry the same political demands and often work to push those demands further from people's minds.

Blogger Davey D said...

You're absolutely right, but I guess what got me was the cumulative effect of the gesture. To me, regardless of whether he paid or not, responding to the mire that Boston's become for him in such a visible way is pretty poetic.

It could be argued, I guess, that money and legality are abstractions for someone like Fairey, that he uses his money as a tool to get up like any other... It's an interesting counterpoint to your average billboard, to say the least.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

I couldn't agree more.

Blogger fortnite said...

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