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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The MLCC Hard At Work

Photo-Will Sherman (http://untitledname.com/)

I kept this information internal for a while and then realized that there is no reason to do so. There were four arrests in total on the 25th. This included 2 whitewashers, one artist, and one videographer. The whitewashers were picked up at 3:00pm in the Lower East Side and spent a heroic 40 hrs in central booking. After being charged with criminal mischief the DA reduced that charge to disorderly conduct. Although this is a violation and not a crime, it is still unacceptable and we will fight this to the best of our ability. The artist was arraigned around 8pm on the 26th after having spent approximately 25hrs in jail. He was let off with an ACD and 2 days community service. The videographer doing timelapse of the artist at work did not fair so well and is still being brought up on charges. We are also attempting to deal with these charges. As these issues progress we will keep readers up to date as much as we can and will be asking supporters to come down to the trial and show solidarity for those who were casualties of what was otherwise an incredibly successful project, if need be.

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Blogger keven john said...

"The MLCC Hard At Work" sounds like an intriguing read! As someone currently working on my Mphil Thesis, I can relate to the dedication and effort required in research. It's inspiring to see the MLCC team's commitment to their work and the impact they are making in their field. I'm eager to explore their insights and experiences, as it might offer valuable perspectives and guidance for my own MPhil thesis journey. Thank you for sharing this article, and I'm excited to dive into "The MLCC Hard At Work"!


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