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Friday, July 17, 2009

MoMa Red Studio Summer Program Work Comes Down

Last Tuesday I ran into a wild horde of teenagers posting their artwork over illegal NPA Outdoor advertising. After the last posting about my interactions with the artists at work, I found out this street takeover was a part of the MoMA Red Studio summer program. I spoke with one of the teachers from the program and it seems the class thought I should post some images of them at work.

I decided to go past the location again today as I walked to my studio. Lo and behold NPA Outdoor had come back to reclaim what isn't rightfully theirs, and did so illegally. The participants in the street takeover that removed this illegal advertising by placing art over it, did so with permission of the landlord. NPA Outdoor on the other hand not only illegally posted advertising, but illegally removed artwork at the property. As sad as this is, I hope it helps the students understand what they were doing, and how the advertising that they were covering is directly at odds with this type of artistic endeavor. By monopolizing public space and communication, outdoor advertising silences public use of public space by literally covering works of art. As well, it provides a singular view of what kind of messages and images should grace our walls and helps criminalize those other activities in the process.

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Blogger Unknown said...

this is absolutely frustrating! a company is illegally posting advertisements, a group of kids who have worked on creating art and have gained permission from the landlord that owns the property to place it there, have been thwarted by the same company who obviously think they have claim on this property. my question? has NPA outdoor also made a payment to this same landlord? uh, money. seems you can do whatever you want when you've got it.


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