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Friday, October 30, 2009

Brick Of Gold Makes Contact With PublicAdCampaign

Brick of Gold just sent me these images after seeing the most recent NYSAT project. We love and ad takeover and just had to post it.

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Blogger Blogger is a Stinking Heap of Pig Dung said...

I thought the takeover was of illegal advertising. I would think that MTA has good management of advertising in the paid area of subway stations. Is the campaign also meant to deface advertising that is providing a subsidy to city services or are there in fact illegal commercial billboards at 14th Street?

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

I'm not exactly sure what you are saying in this comment. The PublicAdCampaign project is interested in establishing a critical understanding of all outdoor advertising forms. This does include contemplating the value of legal MTA advertising, which does help subsidize the poorly run MTA system. If you look into the revenue of the MTA system, you will quickly realize that the profits procured through the hundred of thousands of advertisements that adorn our mass transit system account for close to .0001 percent of the MTA budget. remember the MTA ridership is in the millions per day, at 2.25 per ride that closes in on billions of dollars per year. that excludes public subsidies like the 50 cent cab fare surcharge recently added to aid the failing MTA, and other government allocations. I think we should think about what we are actually getting in return for the wholesale auction of our shared environment before we call ad revenue a worthwhile subsidy.

Blogger Taylor Bara said...

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Blogger Jim Rhodes said...

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Blogger Betty Bilton said...

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Blogger Dakota Leest said...

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