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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Colby Is An Old Friend, And A Wise Friend

i think youll like this. i was just listening to some joseph campbell:

joseph campbell: now i just want to speak about the phases in the development of any mythology; how does it start and what happens to it. i think one can say this. that all of the high culchus, and low culchus, and primitive culchus, and charming, simple culchus, and great big enormous ones, have grown out of myths. they are founded on myths. and what these myths have given, has been inspiration, for aspiration.

the economic interpretation of history is for the birds.

economics is itself is a function of aspiration. it's what people aspire to that creates the field in which economics works. and people who dont have any aspirations - you know - the problem of a businessman who cant get people to want anything.

it's the want. it's the aspiration. and what is wanted is not simply one, two, or three meals a day and a bed. that's not enough. it's gotta be much more than that, to make a life. now where do these aspirations come from? they come from a very wonderful, childlike thing. fascination.

...these fascinations are the creation of new activities.

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Blogger lance robotson said...

i love "joe cam" as i like to call him. in your transcripts where he is saying "culchus" is that a phonetic transcription of him saying "cultures?" he has a really cute accent when he speaks. we have this running joke, we like to say, "joseph campbell's transcendent mystery sauce" because when he says, the source of creation, or transcendent source, his accent makes it sound like he says, "sauce." mm, gimme some of that mystery sauce!


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