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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Illegal Billboards In The Annex-Toronto Outdoor Advertising Takeover

This takeover in Toronto was just sent to me by the Duspa Corner Collective. It is fantastic to see just how widespread the discontent is for illegal signage and the general disdain many people have for outdoor advertising in general. Congratulations to everyone involved in this project for a successful liberation and your use non-violent civil disobedience.

Toronto, October 3, 2009- The Dupsa Corner Collective (DCC) has
undertaken a public art project that has targeted fifteen illegal
billboards in the Annex early this morning. The timing of this project
has been chosen to correspond with the city of Toronto’s Sign By-Law
Project and Alternative Nuit Blanche activities.

The installations depict images of birds in flight. Through art we can
transform the often depressing, concrete cityscape to something
beautiful and wild. Furthermore, birds often symbolize freedom. The
DCC envisions neighbourhoods free from visual pollution, corporate
manipulation, and interests that aim to divide community through the
individualistic ritual of consumption.

In support of stronger billboard regulations and a more creative city,
the DCC aims to bring attention to the upcoming meetings between
members of Toronto’s By-Law project and the Planning and Growth
Management Committee.

Meetings originally scheduled for the week of October 5 have now been
moved to November 4. The Sign By-Law Team will be putting forward
proposals including a New Sign By-law, Third-Party Sign Tax, and ideas
for enforcement. Details of the report and project can be found on the
city of Toronto’s website at:

Public art tends to foster a greater respect, responsibility, and
pride for one’s community. Let us focus on strengthening community
bonds rather than allowing unbridled corporatism to divide our

The DCC’s billboard installations can be found both in the air and on
the ground.

The Dupont and Spadina Corner Collective
(647) 298-6785

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Blogger Unknown said...

Toronto Represent!

Blogger Mark State said...

Lovely. Since when have local billboard advertisers cared about what you think? But the city is giving it to you at both ends.

Who do you think will be springing for the cash when the new billboard tax starts to get collected?

To read the full article, Cut & Paste Into Your Address Line: http://mark-state.wetpaint.com/page/The+Billboard+Tax--Guess+Who+Pays+It%3F


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