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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public Space Can Be Used Against You: NY Street Ad Takeover #2

Hrag Vartanian of Hyper Allergic interviewed PublicAdCampaign about the last NYSAT project and it is well worth the read. We greatly apologize to Hrag for our mis-communication that resulted in his lack of direct access to the latest NYSAT project. Hrag has dissected some of the major questions regarding this type of non-violent civil protest project and we greatly appreciate his work and interest in reporting so diligently on the project.
I had been working on a story for six months but some things don’t always work out the way you plan them. What was the story? Last Sunday, Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign organized the second New York Street Advertising Takeover (NYSAT) in New York. The New York Times was there but sadly I wasn’t. [More Here]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

An absolutely wonderful article!

Blogger just another white guy said...

Jordan, I just wanted to bring up something I noticed yesterday, an oversight I'm sure.

The irregularly shaped wall at 292 Lafayette - at the corner of Jersey, just below Houston - had no NPA frame on it when one of your teams wheatpasted an image of a girl directly onto the wall.

That space was an ad space until 2006, when the store owner in the building bought the frame to use as an art space/legal on premise advertisement for his store, until he got spooked by your April action and stopped refreshing it.

That frame did recently support a Hugo Boss fragrance ad, but the frame was removed in early October. Leaving a bare wall for your team to post on. Just something I noticed.


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