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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Empty NPA Billboards Getting Local Art

As many of you know, NPA city outdoor has withdrawn their OAC registration in part due to the NYSAT actions and the incredible diligence of hundreds of concerned citizens. From what I understand after paying close attention in ECB hearings, NPA will dissolve their company in an effort to evade the massive fines they are facing from the NYC DOB sign enforcement unit. Sadly the landlords which were duped into this illegal ad business, receiving a mere $120 a month, won't get off so easy. As NPA tells it they will try to reduce the landlords burden because they are tied to their buildings as the proprietors and could technically be forced to sell their properties in order to pay violations. I'm assuming NPA is only helping the landlords to avoid lawsuits from the building owners themselves as many of the properties have upwards of $250,000.00 in fines. It is a sad state of affairs when the city is forced to attack landlords, many of whom were unaware of the illegality of the signage they allowed on their properties since NPA obviously did not offer this information when procuring contracts. That said, if NPA can dissolve and avoid the violations, going after landlords is the only way to enforce penalties.
With that said, there is a design competition being run by some friends of ours that will be taking advantage of all the empty NPA boards. They are using these boards without permission since they are sitting empty and have executed their first postering with Bill Dunlap prints. If you are interested, we suggest you take advantage of this unique opportunity to cover our streets in some local flavor.

"Thought I would pass these photos along of some NPA boards we took over utilizing poster art designed by local illustrator Bill Dunlap. Going forward, we will be holding monthly design competitions - winners will have their design printed and displayed throughout the city on old NPA boards. Contest information is available @ www.Paper-Spaceship.com"

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Blogger margotrobbie said...

I think we should support more and encourage this type of our local street arts.


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