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Sunday, April 25, 2010

OX Hits Old NPA Billboard and New Contest Promotions Sites

OX, one of my favorite French artists, has been in town for the past week. We met up as we have been communicating over email for quite some time now, and it was a pleasure. I went out with him Friday morning to watch him install the two pieces above. The image next to Dunkin Donuts was placed on an old NPA board which was white, while the image with the white chair covered an operational Contest Promotions illegal billboard and has since been removed. What a shame. Ox has been taking over outdoor advertising for 25 years now and continues to work with the frame and site in an effort to eliminate, or melt the barriers between the ad frame and public space.

On another note, I have noticed that work placed on the white NPA street level signs stays up for quite a while as the company is not taking care of them anymore. I highly suggest anyone with something to say go out and use these messaging boards for public communications of any kind.

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