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Monday, June 21, 2010

UnderOneHundred Micro-Grant-PosterChild's Truth In Advertising

Typical NPA/Contest Promotions Placard
Back In February PosterChild created an altered placard for the NPA city outdoor illegal street level billboards. He was aware of the fact that these placards were a lie being perpetrated on NY City by NPA as it made its transition to a new company called Contest Promotions. Under this new company, NPA's illegal operations would be shut down and only those that could pretend to be running a raffle box would remain through a twisting of legal language. PosterChild's single placard flew under the radar while still informing the public of NPA's little secret, in a stark contrast to more overt actions we tend to carry out here at PublicAdCampaign. Needless to say, I wanted to see more.
At this same time I had been toying with the idea of running a micro-grant program. The grant would be on a rolling submission/review basis and the only stipulations would be that projects facilitate critical public interaction with outdoor advertising, and cost under one hundred dollars. Along with this small amount of production money PublicAdCampaign would help by tapping any resources we might have which could facilitate potential projects. PosterChild's Truth In Advertising was a natural choice. In total the entire project ended up costing $91.48 and produced about 40 fake placards. You can see all of the images [Here]
I would like to thank PosterChild for inaugurating this micro-grant program with such a fantastically simple and effective project. In doing so I would also like to open up the next cycle of grant submissions. A clever idea can go a long way, alter how people think about the spaces they live in, and change what they come to expect from the streets that surround them. We hope that even in a small way we can facilitate this process and enrich the cities of this world with innovative and fun public works. Please take a look at the simple guidelines for submitting a proposal [Here]

PosterChild Install-Spend Your Money Elsewhere
More Bullshit You Didn't Ask For
Deface, Improve, Remove

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Blogger Unknown said...

Do you remember what it was like when you could look out the window, at a wall, at the floor, in the sky and not see an ad? Neither do I.

Blogger Unknown said...

It was a great experience helping you guys with this project. :) Excellent idea, very well done.


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