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Monday, December 6, 2010

Epos 257 Crew-Unauthorized Appropriation of Public Space

While this urban intervention has nothing to do with advertising, it does share a similar ethos to the PublicAdCampaign project that makes me absolutely adore it. Without authorization, the EPOS 257 crew, installed a 50 square meter fence in Palackeho square in Prague, redirecting foot traffic around what they had claimed ownership to. Public space, with a pervasion of rules and guidelines within which we all must abide, often does not live up to its full potential under such tight restriction. This project shares our own sentiment that breaking those rules and challenging the way we interact with our public space can create psychic interactions which draw us ever closer to the shared physical environment and therefore to those other citizens who share that space with us. Brilliant! see more photos [here]

“In the current society, our living space is defined by legal norms and regulations, the same way as fences demark the choices of our free movement.

Only by attempting to cross those boundaries, we learn how limited the space we live in really is – that we are not as free as it may initially seem. We are getting the sense that the individuality of today is destined to an existence amidst restrictions.” (EPOS 257)

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