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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cemusa Removing MaSAT Posters

Photos by Falansh
These photos are the only documentation of Cemusa removing MaSAT work. In fact, according to the photographer, this employee didn't even remove our work at this point, but rather "felt" the poster (presumably to check it's authenticity) and then closed the bus shelter back up. Later we noticed Cemusa crews counting the number of posters that we had put up. They then returned a few hours later with enough ads to remove our work without leaving the shelters empty. I find it interesting that they don't want the shelters empty and would rather allow our content a few more hours of public time. It's as if they think the paused operation of the shelters might trigger a moment of truth where the viewer questions the validity of the advertising venue itself. Remarkably this is half of what I am trying to achieve with these projects and maybe simply removing hundreds of ads would have a similar effect.

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