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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ludo Answers 5 Questions For PublicAdCampaign

When I realize someone is working over advertising on a consistent basis, I like to ask them a few questions about their work. I am not interested in the profound, but rather keeping a short record of these artists reactions to similar questions. Ludo was kind enough to answer a few for us and we thank him for his time and his work on the street.
1-Where are you from and where did the name LUDO originate from?
I live in Paris right in the centre but grew up in the suburbs. ludo is an abbreviation of my name. No real meanings behind just like my good friends call me.

2-Ludo, your work can be found on side streets and over advertising, what is the difference between your work posted on the street and that specifically targeting advertising?
I think the work I put on the street is kind of more abstract for me. I mean it's more open and everybody can have his own opinion, hate it or not for sure, find a message, see it as an other crap decoration, like it because of the flowers,.... .Then it lives thanks to the walls textures or whatever integration that makes it more "alive". Over billboards, I think I already give some clues and people minds are already driven because of the advertising spaces. I want it to be as a reaction to the common commercial visual codes. Like using a logo and an image that has nothing to do with it, Chanel selling an apple with a camera inside ??? I want to push that till the concept that the visual and the message has really no relation with the brand but because the logo is here then it becomes validated into these spaces. Also, the difference with the stuff on walls is that I'm more interested in the message and how to hijack a brand than the art. It's more about trying to create an impact inside this 3x4m frame.

3-What gives you the right to take private property to exhibit your own ideas and images?
I can't consider the city walls as private property.... I try to respect the people living where I will put my stuff but I've never asked myself if I have the right or not. But you're right, it's not me who has the right or no, it's more everyone should express themselves or their opinion using walls or not. City should put billboards accessible to people just to write something, an idea, a poem,...whatever. That would be beautiful, "for the benefit of the general interest".
Maybe bus shelters are something else in terms of violation and law. When you put your piece inside the box, there is a real trespass I believe. It's funny because not so long ago I received emails from people working for CBS Outdoors, basically asking me how much I would ask to create a piece over one of their billboards that they could use it after to show then sell more spaces to communication agencies. Nice paradox !

4-your hybridization of the natural and synthetic world seems to translate well into ad takeover work, what do you want the viewer to take away from your imagery?
Thank you. I think something like "What the fuck ???" would work for me. A little bit of chaos into the world of standards and preconceived ideas.

5-What is your favorite place or moment in your city?
Right now, honestly, I just enjoy having a little studio where I can be alone with my stuff, draw and listen some music. Very simple.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...I'm more interested in the message and how to hijack a brand than the art."

Personally, after being through 9/11 I don't like the term HIJACK. Why do brands need to be HIJACKED and why are we celebrating it here?

Just wondering...

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