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Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Mediacy Locations Poppin Up Around Town

Now that our readers are aware that Mediacy is running mostly unpermitted and illegal signage they are starting to send in images of the locations they find around town. The most recent photos come from Luna Park and are taken at 176 Bowery. Oddly enough, these two illegal signs share a corner with another company responsible for illegal signage in our city, Contest Promotions. I have added this location to the Mediacy map and have called in my complaint. Once we get a few more spots recorded I will do my best to reach out to the city.

Keep sending us your photos and addresses and together we can nip this problem in the bud before it gets out of hand!

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Blogger Curtis said...

Congratulations Jordan. Gitter deserves everything you've thrown at him and more. He is a total phony who has never done anything of value and is only out for himself. He has absolutely no concept of or interest in real art. He has repeatedly ripped people off and broke all the rules. Put him out of business once and for all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I am not a fan of ads everywhere, I really think these Falling Skies ads look good. I think ads on shutters are clever and I don't think the ad is bad, I really don't. There's one of those Contest Promotion boards on one side of the building. Then that ugly red banner tangled above, the chipping paint on the tagged, gross pink building makes this all in all a butt ugly visual. But I don't think that the banners over the shutters are bad. Besides, they are probably covering over some uglier graffiti. At least these ads cover over a gate and not another structure on the building. I assume they roll up sometimes too? So they probably aren't seen all the time, which is nicer too.

Does anyone know what these things are called or what they cost?


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