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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Madrid To New York For Street Interactions: NEKO and Nuria Light Up The City

NEKO 23rd and 8th avenue

Some months ago I traveled to Madrid to meet the other organizers of the MaSAT project. We had for the past few months been speaking via email and as I stepped off the plane I got my first sight of my new friends. Tired from a long flight, we sat outdoors and ate indian food for our first meal, an odd introduction but somehow quite normal for a boy from NY. We quickly set into a long week of mapping, printing, and organizing the largest advertising takeover Madrid had ever seen. I stayed at one of their apartments and was guided through the city by eyes accustomed to watching the streets. We spoke of art, advertising and public space at length while we prepared our protest with delicate care.
I flew home exhausted, but with three new friends overseas and a promise that if they ever needed a place to stay in New York, they were more than welcome to stay with me. It was not long before plans were made and just last week, NEKO and Nuria arrived at JFK. Hungry, I took them for indian and their journey began as mine had, with a belly full of curry. For the next week I did my best to abstain from work and show them both the same hospitality that they showed me in their own country. A lot of time was spent on the streets, out late investigating the city, some of the results of which can be seen here.
Nuria Mora - From Williamsburg Bridge Courtesy of Luna Park
NEKO - Chinatown
NEKO - 31st and Fashion Avenue

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan Flavin?! (Not). Just colored bulb "art" phone booth takeover (::Yawn::)

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

How you doing Michael? I see your back in the mix. We missed you!


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