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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Contest Promotions Court Proceedings Pulled and Uploaded Here

It seems Contest Promotions has pulled the document describing their case against the City Of New York from the internet following our recent post. Luckily we downloaded it and have subsequently uploaded it to our server. Enjoy the full briefing [HERE] Thanks for tipping us off to this inauspicious move Mr. Eppink.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that if people running this site don't like comments posted, they will simply remove it. You can dish out big portions of opinions, but I guess you can't take it.


Blogger Jordan Seiler said...


While we absolutely appreciate constructive criticism on this site and an honest debate on the merits of our work, it is not a public forum for you to bash the artists and contributors. In the past we have left plenty of your comments on previous posts as we try not to censor the content users create. That said the repetitive nature of your complaints are adding noise rather than dialogue and we would ask you to either discontinue your behavior or engage us in a more interesting dialogue.

thank you, PublicAdCampaign.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Censorship is Censorship, and you should accept any posts from your readers, whether you like them or not.

I accept criticism from your readers even though you don't seem to be willing to do the same.

Let the chips fall, or are you afraid that my post being the only comment is too noisy? Must like a lot of silence over there at the PAC offices.

I guess you feel like it's ok to be the only opinion on the site and your comment, "That said the repetitive nature of your complaints are adding noise rather than dialogue" is nearly laughable coming from a site that complains about the same things, about the same people, about the same companies, over and over. And then blog about "ad take-overs" using the same art (those b/w weaves on walls. Those weaves on phone booths) on top of those ugly illegal ads again and again..

I promise I will stop posting comments you feel are disparaging when your illegal art posted on top of illegal ads, on those illegal boards placed on the unattractive walls, isn't so damn ugly.

I fear this might take a while.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...


ill leave that one up. shall we discuss the merits of the actions rather than the "art" as you clearly don't like it. Ultimately, this site is up to question the role of outdoor advertising in public space. to say that the "art" we do over advertising is beautiful would be a stretch, as you so clearly noted. Aesthetics have never been a main concern, but rather an imagery which helps the viewer recognize the action and come to a conclusion on their own. PublicAdCampaign is an activism site with a concern for public space use. the imagery you see is a result of this interest. We leave painting murals to the pros. So now that we are beyond the imagery, let us talk about the process. do you think it works? taking over advertising space is meant to question that advertisings preeminence in that space and I think our projects achieve that. personal projects on a small scale and the larger takeovers in a more significant way. would you care to comment on these statements?

Also, may I ask you who you are and what your relationship to this site is? I think it would help all of the readers to better access our conversation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say...


Illegally or legally placing ANY visual on a wall or a board or a shed, or a roll-down metal shutter should improve the visual from where it started.

Why not this…

Stab sharp daggers, axes and arrows with dripping shiny red lacquer through ad boards or along the BQE which now has nothing but graveyards of empty billboards?

At least it is a pure message and we all would “get” your feelings about “THE ROLE OF ADVERTISING IN PUBLIC SPACE”.

But I doubt that would happen, you know why?

It’s because I think you and mostly all of those you pedestal here on this site are not really doing this for the public good at all.

Instead what I think is more likely going on is that marginal, emerging, or radical artists create a buzz and get some exposure for their work.

Maybe it’s not the buzz from the art, but the buzz they catch by doing this illegal activity, under the cover of darkness, bandana-wrapped faces, creating “instructive” videos on how to break open a “legal” phone booth that makes them tick?

But whatever the motivation, the wrapping it in a bow, and calling it consumer activism for the betterment of society and the end of street clutter banner is hardly believable.

It feels very Trust-Fund rebelliousness to me.

And whether you yourself are one of those, I don’t know, or care. What I do care is that you celebrate illegal takeovers and do them without care, quality or attention to detail.

And despite so much passion (and I do believe you are passionate), you really are doing little to improve the urban landscape where me and my family live.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

I do agree that the imagery placed over advertising should "improve" the aesthetics of that space. I think we tend to disagree on what it means to "improve" the space. honestly we are gonna have to agree to disagree on this front or continue to bicker about something which is subjective. Can we get past this one Art?

I am excited you are thinking about potential ad takeover ideas. If I knew who you were maybe I could help you get those ideas into practice as ideas are great but the point of advertising takeovers is to get rid of the ads so you gotta actually do it.

While I am want to not even answer the next comments ill give you a bit of my thoughts. Mostly we go out during the day. it makes more sense as protest as the viewers who see us doing what we are doing are inclined to ask us about it and this provides the opportunity to explain the reasons behind our actions. Ultimately constructive dialogue is the product of even the simplest takeover.

As for the buzz and the interest in exposure, I myself have been at this for over 10 years and don't plan on stopping. I am interested in creating a conversation which becomes a part of mainstream dialogue. I think we are on our way but there is a long road ahead. Expect us to continue with or without popular support.

ahh trust fund rebelliousness, a term thrown around so callously. You can look me up and figure out my past. I invite you to do so.

Again art, where do you and your family live. who are you and why are you so scared to make that known?

PublicAdCampaign would love to know where such harsh criticism is born and how we might better improve your visual landscape.

thanks for all the semi-constructive comments.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

having cake and eating it too? Put back all posts. Let others comment. I'd be interested.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

Art, your comments are all the same. We will happily leave this one up and people can comment accordingly.

tell us about yourself Art, inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering.... where's the flood of objection to my controversial posts? I guess I'm going to find someplace else to vent. You should do some takeovers in the Hamptons. They "need a little illegal" out here. There just isn't enough excitement to get my blood going.

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