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Monday, January 14, 2013

Re+Public - Augmented Reality Video Release

Keith Harring Augment, Bowery Wall NYC, 2012
As many PublicAdCampaign readers know, we have spent the past 10 years on an artistic/activist adventure, investigating the relationship between commercial media and our shared public visual environment. Projects have ranged from individual campaigns to massive civil disobedience projects, speaking engagements and teaching, to legal battles and gallery exhibitions. While our intentions have always been to promote the greater good, our tactics have often been required to reside in a more dubious arena, falling somewhere short of fully legal and always outside of mainstream practice.

How & Nosm Augment, Wynwood Walls Miami, 2012
Two years ago I began working with another like mind at The Heavy Projects on an augmented reality mobile application. We saw AR as a way to leap the private property boundaries that made my artistic activism illegal and put curatorial responsibility in the hands of the public. In the future, no longer will billboards and other outdoor media demand your attentions as you walk through public space. Instead we will curate our public visual experience in new and exciting ways.

MOMO Original Augment, Wynwood Walls Miami, 2012

Today we released some video footage of two projects we recently completed which you can view by clicking the above photos. The first is a "resurrection" project done at the infamous Bowery Wall in NYC and the second is a more advanced interactive mural project done at Wynwood Walls Miami this past December. While I am excited to release these videos to the world, I am looking forward to more progressive uses of the technology in 2013, the eventual goal being to deploy a full scale digital mural program here in NYC.

website: www.republiclab.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/republiclab

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