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Monday, September 2, 2013

Illegal Wildposting on My Way To Lunch

video footage taken early September 2013.

On my way to lunch today I came across an old familiar face wildposting in broad daylight. I have come across this particular person several times in the past, the first time being when he helped implicate my friends for the "crime" of protesting his companies illegal use of public space. As you can see by the blue painted posters, the construction company is doing all it can to keep the construction shed blue so they don't incur fines for the "work" he is doing. To him it must seem as if I am wandering the streets looking for illegal posting perpetrators 24 hrs a day. That couldn't be further from the truth, and should be an indication of the frequency and impunity with which wildposting happens. As you can see, I keep my distance in these situations due to past circumstances, but this man and I always exchange a few tense words. He asked if "I ever get tired of this" and I responded "No. Seems like you don't either." To which he responded "That's because they pay me." I asked him "If he was working for Contest Promotions or NPA still?" A question he smartly avoided before getting into his car.

I don't particularly like the fact that I end up F*%#ing with this guys life by continually catching him breaking the law, but I do know that the proliferation of consumer messages in our daily lives and especially on our streets where we have no option but to ingest them, is a detriment to our collective health that he continues to help perpetuate. Maybe one day we can have a beer and laugh this whole thing off, but until then I feel a duty to question the proliferation of commercial media in our shared public spaces, be it illegal or not.

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