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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Random Projects in Perth, WA

LENT/TIME Perth 2014

I was recently in Perth, Western Australia for the PUBLIC festival put on by FORM. I was asked to come as part of Re+Public, a side project to PublicAdCampaign exploring our digital commons. I can't go to another country to do a digital mural and not get my hands dirty making new keys, and work, in bus shelters. Big thanks to Kid Zoom and Stormie Mills for being amazing artists and friends while I was in town.
For this quick takeover I spelled out the words LENT TIME using 4 double sided bus shelters, on the busy St Georges Terrace. The lettering was intentionally abstract with the hopes that the images stood out as random designs, before being understood together as a word. In one direction the viewer read LENT and the other TIME, a comment on the short duration that the work would likely be up.

LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014
LENT/TIME Perth 2014

I then did a quick run of phonebooths along the same large street. Each phonebooth had its advertisement removed and was then photographed. This photograph was then installed several days later at the same location much like the Echo project. It was in fact Kid Zoom who coined the name Echo project and so I found it fitting to do something similar in his home town.
Echo #1 - Perth 2014
Echo #2 - Perth 2014
Echo #3 - Perth 2014

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Blogger Unknown said...

A few friends who came over to Perth saw these outdoor advertising and installations, among many others and it is very interesting to see people, they say, who interacted and reacted to these. I recall the same last year wherein it created a lot of virality in social media. Perth is somehow perceived as a laidback place but being one allows people to appreciate these arts more and a number of these art installations are springing up everywhere.

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