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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

GLMP Video Explanation

I have posted about Kyle Magee in the past so some readers may be familiar with the activist's work in Australia. This new video, along with the post the accompanies it, explains why Kyle does what he does. Kyle is an interesting character in the anti advertising in public space debate. I know from speaking with him that he regards a lot of what myself and other artist call "ad takeover" work as superficial play time activities. And honestly, in light of his approach, it's hard not to agree with him. Kyle has served plenty of jail time and continues to attack the issue from a purely protest standpoint, no obscuring the issue with pretty pictures, Kyle is about results. While I am still unsure of what the right tactics are to raise public awareness about the role for profit advertising plays in our public space, and media at large, I do look to Kyle for inspiration. He is dedicated to changing things in any way he can, and I respect that. 
"i focus my discontent with the mass injustice and ecological destruction of our global systems on for-profit advertising because i believe for-profit advertising to be the most vulnerable component of the for-profit/capitalist/corporate domination of our global politics and economics — i believe it is this for-profit dominance that creates and maintains the core of our global problems, restricting our politics to the point that the power of for-profits and the huge problems that creates cannot be addressed — our fragmented and constricted ‘democracies’ are reduced to pandering to the interests of a global ‘business’ ideology that is the true winner of last centuries proceedings (contrary to the myth that democracy was the big winner)". More [HERE]

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