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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PublicAccess Update - New Keys and Cities

The PublicAccess project continues to expand and offer access to more outdoor advertising infrastructure around the world. Recently we added three new keys allowing access to Miami, Berlin, Hangzhou, Bodoe, Philadelphia, and Mexico city. 
To get involved or find out more about the project, visit the site [HERE] and take a look below.
A big part of the PublicAccess project is made possible by people around the world wanting to open bus shelters in thier own city. They contact us and then we work to figure out if we can help. Sometimes that means recognizing an old locking system that we already have access to, and other times that means making something new by working with an enthusiastic partner. In the end the process is always a collaborative effort that we enjoy, and often results in new markets being opened up for truly public communications.
artwork by NDA
Recently we gained access to Philadelphia and with new tools comes new thoughts and ideas on our streets. This PSA by NDA is an amazing example of the kind of lighthearted and yet generous ideas I think would populate a truly open public visual landscape free of advertising. I say good riddance to the disaster preparedness PSA's that demand we take personal responsibility for our fate in the next typhoon by hoarding tuna cans and batteries, and I say welcome to a constant reminder of my own tendency to preemptively sabotage my own desires... as offered by an actual human being! But seriously. If the placement of messages in our public space is to actually communicate ideas with each other, I think it should be noted that I have a tendency to contemplate the ideas of an individual over the bureaucracy, the local over the distant.
Artwork by Nick Bergwell
What people do with thier PublicAccess key is up to them. Sometimes a participant uses the key to promote thier own street wear brand, but more often than not, participants offer genuine outreach to others. This simple text installation on the streets of NY caught my eye, trying to enjoy each day, but finding myself failing to reach my goals and expectations, which always leaves me wanting more. Imperfectly calibrated happiness machines indeed...
We try hard to keep the PublicAccess project going so that the everyone can have access to our outdoor advertising infrastructure, and the predominant space for public visual communication.

Thanks again for supporting PublicAdCampaign!

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