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Friday, October 16, 2015

Chuck Agency / Seen Outdoor has reached the new low.

Recently I have been getting lots of emails regarding the increased and aggressive wild posting campaigns happening around NYC. Here is a good one I think you should know about.

Chuck Agency / Seen Outdoor has reached the new low.

Mark Samsonovich created a project he called Public Art Campaign, "Love is teletpathic", and while he was taking photographs of the installation, Chuck Agency's Dave Porter ripped down his posters at 4th & 10th. And Porter proceeded to tell Mark to "Go FUCK himself and these were his walls!". Dave Porter previously worked for NPA.

They say they use permitted dedicated sites but they have no permits. They create agreements under Seen Outdoor with some of the landlords and sell them under the Chuck Agency name, Jay Heleva is the president of Chuck Agency.

Mark Samsonovich project: www.loveistelepathic.com

 More Seen Outdoor ruining public art. The Street Art of Bushwick Collective Is Disappearing Under Billboards | Bushwick Daily: http://bushwickdaily.com/2015/06/the-street-art-of-bushwick-collective-is-disappearing-under-billboards/#.VZMyoP1glis.twitter

Attached: A .pdf of Chuck's 'dedicated lease locations'. (You can ask and they'll send you the same thing) Download [HERE]

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