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Monday, May 16, 2016

When TV Ads Go Subliminal With a Vengeance, We’ll Be to Blame

The article below isn't about outdoor advertising but it did have some relevant quotes regarding how viewers ingest advertising despite thier attempts not to, as well as the effectiveness of advertising in general. So often, and usually in response and to critique my work, people say "what's the big deal, I don't look at ads anyways." Well there is a 70 Billion dollar TV advertising business and 32 Billion in OOH market that begs to differ. That much money isn't spent so you can ignore the messages being paid for and whether you like it or not, the commercial messages that surround us are seeping into your consciousness. In fact, those that think they can ignore advertising should be all the more appalled to find out that thier best attempts are futile and thier perceived autonomy is a lie that they are telling themselves. Here are two quotes from the article that seem to suggest the industry knows what it is doing.

"It turns out viewers are overwhelmingly absorbing the messages coming from the TV even as they stare at the other devices, Mr. Poltrack said."

“'If less people see your advertising, you will sell less things.'”

VIA: The New York Times

For decades the annual television industry ritual known as the upfronts has gone the same way.

Thousands of advertising and television executives trudge between New York’s great cultural centers — Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center — where network executives screen premieres of their hottest new shows (“24: Legacy” on Fox! “Designated Survivor” on ABC!); trot out their biggest stars (Jennifer Lopez! Kerry Washington!), and disclose which programs will go where on the prime-time schedules being set for the fall.  More [HERE]

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