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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Poster Remediated - 50th Poster Biennial of the Warsaw Poster Museum

I am very excited to announce my inclusion in the 50th Poster Biennial at the Warsaw Poster Museum, June 11th – September, 25th 2016 Opening in Warsaw’s Poster Museum on June 11th at 20:00. The museum has included one photographic work as well as an updated version of the NOAD mobile app. The app has been specially designed to work on several large format photographs I made of the NYC subway system which include several advertisements. By training thier devices on these images, viewers will be given an experience close to that of users in the NYC subway.

The Poster Remediated will explore how the conventional poster is undergoing rapid transformation in an age of ubiquitous digital screens and social media.

"I am a Man’" and "Je Suis Charlie" shows how posters can promote justice and human rights. But posters are often accused of manipulating the viewer and of dominating our streets too. Activists like Vermibus, Jordan Seiler or Brandalism often remove commercial advertisements from their illuminated frames, replacing these posters with abstract art or anti-consumerist messages.

Professor David Crowley, Head of Critical Writing in Art & Design, has a long-term research interest in the poster as both a design object and a means of communication. OPEN WALLS Gallery's Blog talked to David about his curation of the fiftieth Warsaw International Poster Biennale in June 2016, and the changing faces of poster design and dissemination in the digital twenty-first century. Read the interview [here].

More information about the exhibition [here] and [here].

Polka Dot: included in the 5oth Poster Biennial


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