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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Anarchists Poetry Greet Commuters in London

Special Patrol Group started the year off with some illicit anarchist poetry. In 2018 let us all remember that we are many, and they are few. More often than not your troubles are my troubles and mine yours. Solidarity with your fellow man and woman is the only way to build a collective will that could demand equality for all. 
Anarchists greet commuters in London with subversive anti-capitalist poetry on the first day back to work for many.

"Anarchist poetry" was illicitly installed into advertising spaces on the London Underground this morning. The designs mimicked Transport for London's official Poetry on the Underground campaign, in what is thought to be an act of "Subvertising". The poems both have an anti-capitalist theme, and their installation was timed to coincide with what is the first day back to work for many Londoners.

The ad-hack has been claimed by Special Patrol Group, who said:

"We wanted to invite our fellow workers to think about the nature of work under capitalism - especially after we've all just had a few days off. If you don't like it, perhaps 2018 can be the year we act together to replace useless toil with useful work and be done with Bullshit Jobs forever. A three-day week sounds nice, doesn't it?"

The Masque of Anarchy, written in 1832 by English Romantic poet Percy Shelley, has been updated to give it a feminist twist. After a year that saw scandals around the gender pay gap and sexual harassment, Special Patrol Group say they changed the poem to read "Women of England" (where it had previously been addressed to the men of England) to highlight the fact that "women are particularly oppressed by the workplace".

They further explained:

"From shitty pay to sexual harassment, women have the worst of it in the workplace. We hope that will change in 2018." 

The self-described "shadowy subvertising organisation" claimed that hundreds of the posters have been installed on the Underground by a network of autonomous volunteers. The group carried out a similar intervention on the first day back to work in January 2015:



SPG x.

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