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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Meet the Flintstone House, a Home So Odd It Was Declared a ‘Public Nuisance’

This article isn't about advertising but I was struck by one of the last paragraphs and how similar in sentiment it is to my thinking about outdoor advertising in most cities. 

“The panel cannot support a project that proceeds on a ‘build first, ask for permission later’ basis,” the order said. Ms. Fang’s improvements, the panel added, were “designed to be very intrusive, resulting in the owner’s ‘vision’ for her property being imposed on many other properties and views, without regard to the desires of other residents.”

In this San Francisco Bay town, rich homeowners cry foul over the fact that a visual intrusion has sullied thier airspace, contributing to thier discomfort in thier living environment. This house, despite what you may think of it, does not demand anything more than a billboard would and yet we allow private landlords in cities to sully our shared public spaces without hesitation. 

VIA: NY Times
A small town in the San Francisco Bay Area is apparently unamused by improvements that one of its high-profile residents has made to a distinctive property known as the Flintstone House. More [HERE]

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