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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Vi kan bedre (We can do better)

Our friends in Norway are launching a Subvertising campaign to coincide with their national Holiday. There is an open call for submissions and I highly suggest you try to support them if you can. If you are paying attention to the work of advertising, you will notice the growing list of groups and projects aimed at tackling the commercial abuse of our shared public spaces and the lack of civic dialogue afforded to those spaces because of the monopoly commercial media has on them. It is wonderful to see one more group added to the list and I look forward to seeing their project in action. 
Vi kan bedre (We can do better)
250 artworks - 5 cities - 1 day
Vi kan bedre (We can do better) is a nationwide day of action that will see 250 adverts replaced with art in five major cities across Norway on May 17th.

A utopian art project that aims to stimulate conversation about what ´we can do better´ to uphold the values celebrated on Norway´s National Day.
The coordinated day of action follows the time-honored traditions of ´subvertising ´ (subverting advertising), ad-hacking, culture jamming and more as a means of reclaiming the city as a co-created space. 
We believe the time has come to celebrate the values we share as Norwegians while revealing the self-interested forces undermining them and are calling upon all proud Norwegian's to practice what they preach by supporting this campaign.

We believe that the visual realm in public space belongs to everyone, not just the businesses and organisations that can afford to rent our attention. We believe that public space should be a forum for dialogue, debate and the exchange of ideas, not least on May 17th. 
Inequality, pollution, climate change, mass extinction; all these problems are caused by the processes of consumer capitalism, which is fuelled by advertising. 
Whether it's the recently approved copper mine in Kvalsund in the Arctic Circle; the dumping of mine waste in Repparfjord on the coast of the Barents Sea; or the overall increase in oil and gas production - set to hit a new peak level in 2023 - the changes we are witnessing to both the natural environment and civil society concern us all.

Advertisers calculate the value of a campaign based on the number of people (or eyeballs) that see it. As such, there´s no more valuable day for outdoor advertising than 17th May, when whole cities and communities take to the streets for a day of parades and celebrations to mark Norway's independence.
Artists, activists, designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, poets from all backgrounds are invited to submit their artwork through an online submission process administrated via our dedicated website: www.vikanbedre.com
Our crowdfunding campaign aims to raise 35,249kr to cover the cost of professionally printing and distributing 250 large-format prints to 5 Norwegian cities where they will be installed by our teams prior to May 17th. 
Pictures of the installed artworks will be uploaded to social media using the hashtag #vikanbedre as well as circulated to all of our backers via email.
Each artwork will also be made available for download, for free, after the action on May 17th via our dedicated website: www.vikanbedre.com 
Vi kan bedre (We can do better)is a not-for-profit platform created by a dedicated group of volunteers made up of artists, activists and environmentalists who love the country of Norway and what it represents.

For more information, please visit: www.vikanbedre.com

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