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Monday, February 3, 2020

Bushfire Brandalism - 41 AUS Artists take to the streets in 3 AUS Cities

#BushfireBrandalism from Partier Bresson on Vimeo.

As a collective group of Australian artists, we have been driven to reclaim public advertising space with posters speaking to the Australian government’s inaction on climate change and the devastating bushfires. We do not accept that this situation is ‘business as usual’.

We are making these issues visible in our public spaces and in our media; areas monopolized by entities maintaining conservative climate denial agendas. If the newspapers won’t print the story, we will! #Bushfirebrandalism [More HERE]

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Blogger Unknown said...

Its a Great Video thanks...

Blogger David Martin said...

Australia experienced the worst "Bushfire Season" ever in 2019-2020 with fires blazing for months in large parts of the country.

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