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Monday, April 20, 2020

Quarantine Chat

I have been working on a project called Talk To Me which refurbishes old NYC payphones to become serendipitous points of communication between strangers. Dispersed throughout the 5 boroughs, TTM phones will sit idle until a passerby decides to activate the network by picking up one of the receivers. Once that happens, the other phones in the network begin to ring with the hopes that another passing stranger will answer the call. It is a simple concept meant to bring strangers into communication and link disparate communities throughout the 5 boroughs.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the project has been put on indefinite hold as I wait to see how our public presence and willingness to interact with one another changes over time. I hope that eventually the project will make sense again and that I will be able to implement it some time next year.

In the meantime, Download Quarantine Chat [HERE] and talk to a stranger once a day while you are in self isolation. It isn't completely serendipitous since you have to sign up to participate, but its an interesting opportunity to explore the power of stranger interaction and what it means to reach out to your neighbors, or be there when your neighbors reach out to you.

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Quarantinechat is a multilingual voice-based social networking provider launched on march 1, 2020, by ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY using multimedia artists danielle baskin and max hawkins. The service is part of dialup, an software with the identical premise. The carrier is made for people to live related with other people amid the covid-19 pandemic at pick out times all through the day. As of past due april 2020, it has reported to have greater than 15,000 users.

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Quarantinechat is a multilingual voice-primarily based social networking issuer launched on march 1, 2020, via ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACADEMY using multimedia artists danielle baskin and max hawkins. The carrier is part of dialup, an software program with the identical premise. The service is made for people to stay associated with different humans amid the covid-19 pandemic at pick out out times in the course of the day. As of late april 2020, it has mentioned to have more than 15,000 users.

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Blogger Alison Moore said...

The concept of Talk To Me is truly intriguing, fostering connections among strangers and fostering a sense of community across NYC's boroughs. While the project remains on hold, initiatives like Quarantine Chat provide a digital platform for interpersonal engagement, showcasing the significance of human interaction even during times of isolation. Exploring avenues that facilitate neighborly outreach and communication exemplifies the resilience and adaptability of communal bonds. Speaking of connectivity, the integration of iot gps tracking technologies can further enhance community engagement initiatives, enabling effective monitoring and coordination, and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals participating in such projects. Leveraging technological advancements in community-oriented programs can undoubtedly foster a more connected and secure environment for all participants.


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