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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Phone Booth Removal Instructional Video

This instructional video teaches you what you need to break into a phone booth, and how to do it. Remember it is illegal to tamper with private property even when it's in your public environment, assaulting your senses with messages you couldn't care less about for things you don't need.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thank you for that. Curious though, how many times have people on the street stopped and questioned the "person" doing something like this?

Being out in daylight seems a bit risky with constant pedestrians and passerbys, no?

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

I replaced this non-backlit during the day so you could see what im doing. Non-backlit booths are better done at night, though if the booth is backlit, opening it during the night is like switching on a searchlight on the street drawing way too much attention. Therefore I do backlit booths during the day.

Also remember that no employee changing these ads is out during the night and so often the daytime is practical for that reason as well.

glad you like the video. send me stuff if you do any takeovers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, they change the ads late at night, not in the day time...

smart crew

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's ok, but this info has been sent to Van Wagner.

I hope you hear from their lawyers and the city's lawyers. Remember, this is city owned property.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's ok, but this info has been sent to Van Wagner."

Man there are some haters on here. I hope you hear from Blogger's lawyers and the W.A.H.A (also known as the Worlds Ass Hat Association) for being such a douch.

There should be a "hating troll" law. Seriously.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As individuals we will have to make decisions that will affect us all. If we continue on this negative path of hate, an eye for an eye, destruction of nature, of fear and egoism, we will enter straight into the time of destruction and chaos, and we will disappear as the dominant race of this planet. If we become conscious and realize that we all form part of a great organism, and that we should respect one another and be grateful to our planet, then we will move directly into positive growth, our Golden Age. Our planet, the Sun and the Galaxy are awaiting our decision. It is up to us what will happen in this time of change. Whether we go through a time of suffering and destruction or we find ourselves united in one positive consciousness moving closer to our next stage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo 2012 keep drinkin the koolaid..

Blogger Unknown said...

Can you tell me what specific bit that is? If not, can you post a place where I can get that exact bit set? This activity does not lend itself to practice, so when I go out, I want to make sure I got the everything ready. No time to fiddle around and figure out which one will fit!

Blogger Unknown said...

glad to see nothing much has changed and that you are still making great public art!

Blogger Unknown said...

I carry a legit add (as if I were actually replacing it) in a cardboard add box along with anything might be replacing in the display.

The best way to hide is in plain sight, in a day-glow vest.

Keep 'em smiling.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the Bus Booths?
The ones that have no screws?
Are these some type of magnet release?
How do you expect others to go out and take back public space if they don't know how to apply it?


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