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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Corporate Sponsored Pothole Repair!

We all pretend like this is some magnificent act of altruism on the part of KFC, aiding our poor city governments in times of need. The fact of the matter is this is cheap advertising and logo placement. If KFC wanted to help the city they would just patch the potholes and move on. Ironically, an act of quiet benevolence would not go unnoticed and KFC would probably be greatly rewarded with good press and customer loyalty.

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Guest post from AAA Reader James Ewert:


A certain greasy chicken franchise is adding another item to its menu: pothole patching. In Louisville, KY and potentially in a town near you, what was once a city service paid for by tax payers might become another avenue for advertising. The fried chicken restaurant extended an offer to mayors across the country to have the restaurant fill the city’s potholes and in return be allowed to affix a chalk logo to the newly paved asphalt. I know it’s a recession and all, and municipalities are feeling the pinch when it comes to typical city services like snow plowing and pothole patching, but come on; do we really need a fried chicken restaurant filling potholes for us? - James Ewert

Thanks James! If you’re concerned about corporation sweeping into rescue us from tax cuts, see these previous posts:

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Blogger Nick said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me laugh Jordan.

I think you and your "public space crew" should do more work like this.

Until then, shut up or put up.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

Nick. I know our city infrastructure could use the helping hand of some corporate dollars and logos seems like a small price to pay, but can we not imagine alternatives. We are so used to having corporate identities sponsor every aspect of our lives that we forget the days when our government was able to care for our infrastructure on its own. As well, are there not ways we can allow a corporation to help our city, give them credit and promote their stewardship without plastering our city with their logos?

Blogger Joe Root said...

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