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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen? Hopefully the Anti-Vandal Squad

I won't go into a rant on this one. We have all seen similar amazingly insidious forms of outdoor advertising taking advantage of graffiti and street artists. These campaigns exploit these artists by having them create content for advertising in a medium they developed for self expression. What once challenged the use of public space has become a commodity held hostage to the desires of the advertising industry. And this does not even begin to talk about the fact that the Anti-Vandal Squad should be on this one like flies to shit, but obviously won't pay any mind. You think they have as extensive a file on the company that does this sort of illegal commercial graffiti as they have on PosterBoy? I doubt it.

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Blogger KM said...

seeing as that these are on really random surfaces and one even reads "who watches the watchmenmen?" i believe it to be someone appropriating the message from the movie, or graphic novel. i live in new haven ct and kids have gone as far to write this on the sidewalk in a neighborhood park where the final word trails onto the grass. hence, these aren't meant to be ads.(i love your blog)


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