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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something Happened Yesterday

An eye for an eye...Laura Meyers-Courtesy of PublicAdCampaign

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Blogger Adam Bow said...

congratulations...truly great work.

looking forward to seeing all the photos and work that came out of it.

Keeping a tracking story on my blog.

Blogger Unknown said...

I think what you did is really encouraging to the future of public spaces in new york.
one question.
any chance you might consider letting non-artist people paint on the white washed walls? like kids from a school or just anny one who wants to participate?

Blogger Unknown said...

Just found out about what you are doing on twitter. The whole illegal billboards turned into art is a wonderful concept.

Blogger Chrissie Lam said...

check out more pics on my blog... www.createforacause.com

great project jordan!! fun times. xo

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

Absolutely. I think it is a misnomer that it was only artists who participated. Concerned individuals, architect, bio physicists and social activists all took part in both the whitewashing as well as the production of messages and or artwork.

kids from local schools should be the the first to use our public walls, not advertisers. The painting of murals by young people provides a sense of worth and attachment to the physical environment that can only be gained by physical interaction with your public space. through this type of interaction you become more invested in our shared spaces and therefore a more concerned and valuable citizen to the public at large.

Blogger just another white guy said...

These walls are not public. While 'in public' they are private property. Learn the rules of the game, and you will be taken more seriously. There is a terminology and a process in place for achieving your goals, and in demonstrating for your beliefs. Your argument is not clear and you come off naive. What are you protesting? What are you trying to achieve? If there is a law being broken, focus on that, make that your beating drum. Philosophy will not win this fight. Your 'enemy' knows much more than you; they knew you did this before you finished, and your work was overturned way before Monday morning, when it would have actually meant something. You probably didn't get a full 12 hours on any of these locations.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

i disagree with your assessment of what is public. Pretty much anything I can see while walking down the street is in some way public. Myself and many of the participants have done this type of work for a long time and expected the art to come down faster than it did. In fact many white spaces still remain. The participants in this event are all highly intelligent socially minded individuals that have an incredible understanding of the world they live in. Though you may think us naive because we do not think like our "enemies", you are wrong.


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