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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Business in Vancouver-Graffiti: Art to some, vandalism to others

After the last big takeover project in Toronto we answered a few requests for information. One of these requests came from Business in Vancouver, a small weekly newspaper serving the greater Vancouver area. I'm always curious how anti-ad actions are contemplated by the industry and can't pass up the opportunity to potentially peek behind the curtain. I have found outdoor advertising companies to be quite opaque, as is evidenced by Pattison Outdoor's unwillingness to comment for this article. That said I spoke with Curt who authored this article. While there isn't a whole lot here for the regular PublicAdCampaign reader, it is interesting to note that these "vandalisms" or, acts of civil disobedience as I would like to call them, are becoming more prevalent. The industry sees these not as isolated events but part of a larger backlash. While it is good that our voices are being heard, it is important to note that acts of transgression are often integrated very suitably into the mainstream media structure and we must remain potent. View the whole article [HERE]

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