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Friday, May 20, 2011

FIAT Ad Sculptures Promote Green While Invading a Park

Saw this FIAT advertising on my way to work. Two security guards watched me through the corners of their eyes as I took pictures. I don't have much to say about this that isn't obvious so I'll leave this post simple.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q: If this was the work of an artist who under the cover of darkness placed non-branded, non-advertising cars with trees coming out the sunroofs as her artistic statement, would you have still titled it "invading a park"? Probably not. I guess "brilliant takeover" would have been more like it... Hipocracy runs deep.

Blogger Jordan Seiler said...

You are right! but its not hypocrisy. When the messages are motivated by completely different goals the intent is completely different and therefore the affect that has on the viewer. there is a difference between art and advertising, even more so when the work is an uncommisioned, unanimous public installation. Michael, you know this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

However you spin it, this blog is all about grandstanding, ego, setting your own rules, celebrating illegal art placement and spinning it to make every post seem so intellectually and creatively brilliant. But what you never said which is really most important is that whether it was a legal or illegal art install or a commercial campaign, it is an overkill and really ugly. It is a small plot of grass and whether art, or advertising it is unattractive to my eye and I'd hate it either way They didn't need a dozen of these white vehicles and it's been there since before the TriBeCa Film Festival which I think it was installed for. They should drive off into the sunset.


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