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Sunday, August 7, 2011

AR I AD Takeover NYC - Official Release

A little over a week ago PublicAdCampaign and The Heavy Projects tested an augmented reality advertising takeover project in Times Square. By using the actual advertisements as triggers, we were able to virtually reclaim complete ad campaigns and digitally hijack advertisements all over the city. What is most exciting to me is that because the augmentation happens using an actual physical trigger, the overlaid image is able to track in real time and retain perspectival relationships. This makes the overlay seem like it is truly there as it moves to accommodate your viewing angle. While semi-akward to view through a smart device held in ones hand, imagery overlaid using sunglasses with display capabilities would seamlessly integrate your digital and real life, allowing for the tactical omission of unwanted messages. (I know this all sounds a bit crazy but buckle up cause its coming whether you like it or not) The potential for this test program is profound and I dare say a step in the right direction to removing all outdoor advertising from public space and democratizing public dialogue once and for all. While the hurdles are still great, the future looks interesting and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of new possibilities. You can download the full press release [Here] or read it below.

While other media outlets such as television and the Internet have founds ways to provide users with the ability to filter their informational intake, public space remains the elusive frontier in which commercial interests govern the discourse.

In an effort to highlight the individual's lack of autonomy in this arena, Public Ad Campaign (NYC) in collaboration with The Heavy Projects (LA) have begun to explore the potential of augmented reality to reappropriate outdoor commercial signage in order transform, filter, and democratize the messaging in public space. Using the Junaio AR platform, the AR | AD Takeover channel has reappropriated five outdoor advertising campaigns by turning them into augmented reality markers. Specifically, the channel uses five ads in New York City's Times Square as triggers for a curated street art show that includes works by Ron English, OX, PosterBoy, John Fekner, and Dr. D.

As an alternate vision, we imagine a city landscape where instead of commercial billboards, a digitally open environment where individuals can determine their own visual dialogue through the participation in and subscription to augmented reality able to reflect our nuanced private interests. No longer is there a consumptive monologue, but rather options in a filterable and user-defined space where private interests are no longer subordinate to commercial ends.
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