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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NPA City Outdoor & The Gourmet Deli

Recently, the above signs have begun appearing on NPA City Outdoor advertising locations around the city. I reported on them a while back because they are an interesting way for NPA to try to convert their illegal 3rd party signs into legal 1st party signage. The last post explains this in more depth, but basically associating the advertising posters outside with the actual business that operates at these locations is the intention. I have approached several deli owners whose businesses sport these atrocities, and I was able to gather some interesting information.

Starting in June, building owners, or business owners will enter into a business partnership with NPA City Outdoor. In doing so they will make a raffle box and raffle tickets readily available to anyone who might want to enter to win advertising posters. Cause who doesn't want ads for the Freelancers Union adorning their apartment? For this, the business will be paid $50.00 per month. This extra perk is on top of the fee paid to the property owner or business owner for the placement of the frames which hold the advertising copy. Having talked to NPA about these fees, as well as business owners, I was under the impression NPA paid much more to litter our city with ad content. The owner of the Gourmet Deli tells me he receives $120.00 for the two frames seen below.

This is yet another incredibly adept way of circumnavigating the law and as those concerned with the abuse of our public environment, we must manufacture equally serious ways of combating this new tactic. I will be putting on my thinking cap and will report any strokes of genius if they come. Until then, please leave your suggestions below. Also remember, it is very possible NPA will not actually be holding raffles at all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw several of these yesterday and inquired within, and no one knew what the hell I was talking about. One set of ads borders a parking lot, with the only "inside" being the booth the attendant was sitting in. Kinda brilliant, I have to admit.


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