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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outdoor Advertising Assoiation of America-Self Service

The OAAA, or Outdoor Advertising Association of America, is an organization "Working to promote, protect and advance the outdoor advertising industry".

One of the things the OAAA does, is provide its members with Public Service Announcements like the one pictured above. [More Here] These designs are available in almost every imaginable size for every imaginable advertising frame and venue across the united states. Everything from phone kiosks to billboards are available as PDF downloads. The OAAA encourages their members to use these free PSA's when they have empty space and or are trying to fill some PSA quota. Here is what they say about their recent campaign.
Recession 101 is the latest public service campaign available to OAAA members. OAAA members and printers are encouraged to donate space and materials to post this uplifting and inspirational creative in their markets.
While most PSA's are for non-profit and charitable institutions, this recent campaign seems oddly self serving. I know the country is failing and the whole world is falling apart as stories begin to unfold. The advertising industry isn't exempt, and is going through notoriously bad times as companies cut non-essential spending rapidly. To me the these ads look like pleas to corporate America. They ask companies to get back in the game and continue spending absurd amounts of money on promotion instead of building tangible worth. A proper PSA would propose fiscal policies which will help us get out of this current slump as opposed to making light of the problem we are facing.

This is what the OAAA has to say about themselves.
The OAAA is the lead trade association representing the outdoor advertising industry. Founded in 1891, the OAAA is dedicated to promoting, protecting and advancing outdoor advertising interests in the US. With nearly 1,100 member companies, the OAAA represents more than 90 percent of industry revenues.There are five main OAAA membership categories:

Any company that owns or operates billboards in the United States.

Other Outdoor Media
Any company that sells space for advertising on street furniture, transit or alternative outdoor media displays.

Any company or individual providing services or products to the outdoor advertising industry. Includes supplier, financial, and attorney members.

Any company or individual using the outdoor medium and/or supporting the goals of the outdoor advertising industry. Includes advertisers, ad agencies, media buying services, highway advertisers, state outdoor associations and other trade groups and coalitions.

Any company or individual doing business outside of the United States and interested in the OAAA, and its services.

The OAAA's strategic focus is on government relations, marketing, communications, membership, and operations.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Its been over 10 years as time flys. Charlie Robb wrote the campaign Recession 101 and Stuart Bailey was the designer. Reason for this post is to correct a mistake the associated press had made. They credited Charlie as the Designer on several posts which went viral due to copy & paste wanna be journalists. In addition titled my name as the copy writer. Only because of the size this campaign was it was important to myself as well as Charlie that it was credited properly. Charlie was also the one who put Gods copy on over 10,000 black billboards world wide which Stuart Bailey also designed. That campaign is now known as "God Speaks" Well I will say this, thanks to God we got the Recession 101 handed to us from the OAAA which put my first Giant placement in Times Square, a billboard designers dream come true. But the previous campaign "God Speaks" was an unknown to me at the time when I spent 1 hour placing the copy on a solid black background. If I had known God was going to be so loud I would have added color to the boards.


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