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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Global Liberal Media Please Gets Out During The Day

Global Liberal Media Please is a campaign run by Kyle Magee out of Australia. The campaign demands an advertising free public space with the understanding that a true democracy can only exist with a democratic media system from which the citizens of that democracy might make informed and unbiased decisions. In a world where our media systems (and in this case specifically that media system which monopolizes public space) are run multinational corporations that make money from commercial advertising, democratic curation of those spaces doesn't seem likely. This leaves the promise of democracy far out of reach as our decisions about how to best serve our collective interests are made using the information we get from a commercially driven media system.

It is with this in mind that Kyle protests public advertising networks by "vandalizing" them in broad daylight. This is done with the intention of getting arrested, allowing him to take his grievances directly to the courts. This may sound a bit mental, and once you have read some of Kyle's musings on his adventures, it seems like he is well aware. And yet Kyle seems to be soldiering on, remaining determined to air his grievances. Why would someone continue to get arrested repeatedly for the same crime? For Kyle, this is in fact a cause worth getting arrested for, and I would tend to agree. the depth of his criticism is real, and the effects of using our public messaging systems to support private commercial interests are also real.

What Kyle's outrageous action demands, is that we treat this issue with the level of importance it deserves. Standing up for the destruction of our environment due to over consumption is an issue worth our full attention, as is the degradation of our collective social behavior as advertising implores us to focus on our personal needs rather than those of the community. These are real issues that advertising plays a huge role in perpetuating, being the fuel which keeps the engine of consumption always humming, and the repetitive drum that focuses us inward. To adress these massive issues we must confront our relationship to our vast media systems in a real and meaningful way. Kyle's work begs us to realize this fact and take the first steps by banning outdoor advertising in our most public of spaces.

Take the time to go through Kyle's documentation of his ongoing efforts [HERE]

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