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Monday, December 12, 2011

New study shows billboards hurt nearby property values

A new study shows that billboards negatively affect the values of neighboring properties. It also found that cities with strict billboard controls are experiencing greater economic prosperity than those with controls that are less strict.

The report, “Beyond Aesthetics: How Billboards Affect Economic Prosperity,” by urban planner Jonathan Snyder, is believed to be the first study on the economic impacts of billboards on nearby real estate value. Click here to download the study (PDF).

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Blogger Fernando said...

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Snyder’s study focused on whether economic wealth is best served by strict sign control laws. His findings put forward that billboards affect lands values but also that cities with strict billboard controls skill greater fiscal wealth. No other well-known studies study how billboards affect their nearby are. Snyder finds that for each extra billboard in a census tract, there is some amount reduces in home value. Researcher studied homes in Philadelphia near billboards to see what crash the ad may have on assets values. The idea of billboard ban is by no means a new one, yet it is one that is gaining in status. Thank you for this superb write up, I read some posts here. I like your writing style. Read more worthy and helpful posts in best essay writing service.

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